Acquire Windows 11 style menus on Google Chrome with this FlagAcquire Windows 11 style menus on Google Chrome with this Flag


Chrome’s new Windows 11 style design is available in the latest stable build, version 96.

Google Chrome 96 is out on the steady channel, and in addition to other things, it’s bringing a refreshed plan for Windows 11.

In September, a fix submitted to Chromium Gerrit uncovered that Chrome was dealing with adding Windows 11 style menus. Soon after, the plan made its presentation on Chrome Canary, and today, it’s at last advancing toward the steady release (through Windows Latest).

As you can find in the screen captures appended beneath, the new plan replaces the sharp corners on menus and other UI components with adjusted corners. Note that these progressions don’t live out of the crate; you’ll need to empower a flag to get to them.


You can look at the new plan by sticking the accompanying URL in the address bar: chrome://flags#win11-style-menus and setting the flag to Enabled. Restart the program for the change to produce results. On the off chance that you’re running Windows 11, setting the flag to enable will work. Be that as it may, Windows 10 clients need to choose the All Windows versions to get to it. On Chrome Canary 98, the interface is live of course.


The flag portrayal says:

Windows 11 Style Menus

Use Windows 11 style menus where possible. – Windows



Chrome’s new Windows 11 style configuration is accessible in the most recent stable form, variant 96. The update began carrying out and ought to arrive on your Windows gadget soon. On the off chance that you don’t need to pause, you can snatch the most recent adaptation from Chrome’s site. Other than this little visual invigorate for Windows 11 machines, Chrome 96 doesn’t appear to pack in a ton.

Windows 11 brings a major visual update that incorporates a fresh out of the box new Start menu, vivid symbols, new typography, clear windows, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It additionally takes on Microsoft’s new fluent plan that trades the sharp corners with adjusted ones, giving the framework a milder look. Chrome joins Microsoft’s Edge browser, which has effectively gotten the visual makeover to coordinate with Windows 11 aesthetic.


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