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Brave is a free, open source, privacy-focused web browser which is different from other browsers by automatically blocking online ads and website travkers.  Brave browser currently hosts 36.2 million active monthly users. It is 6 times faster than the average browser.

 Brave provides users with the choice to run on ads that they wish to see, in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) cryptocurrency. This currency can then be used to pay content creators or websites in the form of tips, or even keep the cryptocurrency the user earns. This has more than just monetary benefits. It helps save time and attention span which has long-term mental and emotional benefits. It saves the users from being bombarded by useless information tiring the brain.

What’s more is, Brave protects your data from being shared with advertisers without your consent. Brave is faster and more private than chrome and it maintains support for all chrome extensions. It only takes 60 seconds to quickly import bookmarks, extensions, and even saved passwords.

Since Brave blocks ad content, it gives you better battery life and even encourages mobile data savings. Absolutely no reason to not switch browsers right now!!! Go find the app on the playstore.

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