Google Released a ‘Fortnite Task Force’ after Epic Skirted the Play Store


The team obviously hurried to uncover a security blemish in the Fortnite sideloading process.

Epic Games settled on a choice that Fortnite would skip the Play Store back in 2018, showing up on the Galaxy App Store from the start. It currently turns out that this move might have prodded the formation of a ‘Fortnite Task Force’ inside Google.

Details of the team arose in a legitimate recording made by Epic this week, referring to interior Google archives. This team was evidently framed in 2018 and is said to have met day by day in a bid to address Fortnite avoiding the Play Store.

It’s guaranteed that Google’s team exploited a potential security issue for clients sideloading Fortnite. The recording states that Google gives an application producer 90 days to address a security issue like this however that the pursuit organization unveiled the issue to “friendlies” in the media inside nine days.

“All things considered, ignoring the security of clients, Google raced to ‘spread the news,'” read an extract of the lawful recording. Epic further guaranteed that Google’s move was done to “dissuade developers from dispatching outside of Google Play and keep up with Google’s restraining infrastructure over Android application distribution.”


 A fair disclosure or filthy strategy?

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney affirmed at the hour of the revelation that it had delivered an update to fix the issue, yet that Google would not hold off on uncovering the flaw until the update was all the more broadly introduced.

Strangely, Google’s own head of Android security purportedly noted in an email that the organization’s warning with respect to the vulnerability “truly appears to be improperly critical.”

Regardless, Google has reacted to Epic’s case, recognizing that Fortnite on Android was delivered with a security flaw that could think twice about information.

“Safety and security are our first concerns, so obviously we found ways to caution our clients about this security defect, as per our App Security strategy,” a representative was cited as saying.

Google’s own application security page does for sure note a 90-day window before a seller’s vulnerability is unveiled, in spite of the fact that it maintains all authority to push this date ahead or in reverse in “outrageous conditions.”


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