How to play Free Fire on PC or Laptop?


Free Fire is a definitive survival shooter game accessible on Smartphones. Every 10-minute game spots you on a distant island where you are set in opposition to 49 different players, all looking for survival. Players uninhibitedly pick their beginning stage with their parachute and intend to remain in the protected zone as far as might be feasible. Drive vehicles to investigate the immense guide, stow away in the wild, or become imperceptible by proning under grass or fractures. Snare, kill, survive, there is just a single objective: to survive and answer the call of duty.


How to Play Free Fire

-Download PrimeOS (

-Complete the necessary onboarding steps

-Go to Playstore and install the “Free Fire” game

-Open the game and then press F10 to map the touch gestures to the keyboard and mouse

-Experience the “Free Fire” game on your PC like never before

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