How to Play MARVEL Future Revolution on PC or Laptop?


Marvel’s First Open-World Action RPG on Phone. Full 3D,  realistic style made utilising Unreal Engine. 

Complete with realistic cut scenes and fluid fights! 

Investigate a monstrous and vivid open world. 

Appreciate different associations with other heroes across different MMO locales! 

Play close to others in a unique, completely acknowledged Marvel universe! 

Leave on an epic mission as a Marvel SuperHero. 

Appreciate the spellbinding ongoing interaction experience with unlimited storylines and missions! 

Join Omega Flight’s main goal to save Primary Earth from the danger of the Convergence! Unending great ensembles that have never been found in any Marvel IP game. 

Blend and match diverse ensemble parts influenced by many years of Marvel comics and movies just as unique themes! 

Style your SuperHero with your own special interesting outfit blends! 

Have fun in constant battle both on the ground and air like a genuine Super Hero!


How to play MARVEL Future Revolution over PC or Laptop?

-Download PrimeOS (

-Complete the necessary onboarding steps

-Go to Playstore and install the “MARVEL Future Revolution” game

-Open the game and then press F10 to map the touch gestures to the keyboard and mouse

-Experience “MARVEL Future Revolution” game on your PC like never before

UPI (For Indian users only!)

Kofi (For non-Indian users only!)