How to Play PUBG on PC or Laptop?


Set in a virtual world, PUBG is another fight royale game where numerous players utilize methodologies to battle and be the sole survivor on the milestones. A cost-free game, multiplayer experience, in PUBG, players can fight it out in assorted game modes which can be crew-based or solo. 

Highlighting assorted maps with various territories on a virtual setting, PUBG, uses the full abilities of Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive phenomenal universes increased by 3D sound, to fabricate a genuinely vivid encounter on a Smartphone. Pick your map and mode that suits you and get set for an outright exhilarating ride. 

More than true battle, PUBG, is additionally a clash of brains, as you foster procedures to take on your foes in a fight royale mode or a free fire battle or even a one-one TDM. 

With itemized month-to-month new content updates and elite coordinated efforts, there is continually something to anticipate in this battle royale game.


How to Play PUBG

-Download PrimeOS (

-Complete the necessary onboarding steps

-Go to Playstore and install the “PUBG” game

-Open the game and then press F10 to map the touch gestures to the keyboard and mouse

-Experience “PUBG” game on your PC like never before

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