How to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC or Laptop?


12 Civilizations, You Decide The Strongest 

From the profundities of indefinite quality to the pinnacles of legend, you will be the creator of your civilization’s set of experiences. Will you dispatch epic conflicts and overcome the whole world? Or on the other hand, ascend as an ethical pioneer eminent for your shrewdness? Will you decide to investigate the obscure as a pioneer? Or then again devote yourself to aiding your own kin? 


The truth will surface eventually… 


Your scout reports Vikings doing combating close to your City. Driven by the powerful Ragnar Lothbrok and Bjorn Ironside, the seafaring Norses are attacking, plundering and battling anybody in their sight. The Vikings have arrived in ROK! Will you gather this strong progress to reinforce your city, or face them head on in the war zone? 


The hatchet-using, courageous fighters of the Vikings are the furthest down the line progress to enter ROK. You would now be able to pick this spic and span human civilization in your excursion to brilliance and significance! At their center is the Vikings unique infantry unit the Berserkers savage troopers spurred simply by the wonderful qualities of taking from their enemies.


How to Play Rise of Kingdoms

-Download PrimeOS (

-Complete the necessary onboarding steps

-Go to Playstore and install the “The Rise of Kingdoms” game

-Open the game and then press F10 to map the touch gestures to keyboard and mouse

-Experience “The Rise of Kingdoms” game on your PC like never before

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