How to play Standoff 2 on PC or Laptop?


The unbelievable “Standoff” is back as a unique first-individual shooter! 

New maps, new sorts of weapons, new game modes are sitting tight for you in the inconceivable action game, where fear-based oppressors and unique powers are going to connect with the fight not forever, but rather to death. 


The game is at the beta-testing stage right now: 

– 6 maps

– 3 game modes (“Deathmatch”, “Disarm the bomb”, “Weapons contest”) 

– Friends 

– Lobbies 

– Messaging 

– Trades between players 

– HUD and crosshair customization 

– Text talk 

– loads of fun! 


Next Features: 

– New game modes (“Capture the flag”, “Burglary”)
– Competitive games (“Defuse the bomb”)
– Tournaments
– New models of blades, explosives, new weapons
– More maps and skins


How to Play Standoff 2

-Download PrimeOS (

-Complete the necessary onboarding steps

-Go to Playstore and install the “Standoff 2” game

-Open the game and then press F10 to map the touch gestures to keyboard and mouse

-Experience “Standoff2” game on your PC like never before

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