PrimeOS 0.5.5 Update | PrimeOS Introduces Game Center


The all-new Gaming Centre by PrimeOS is here, the most remarkable and integral part of the PrimeOS. The idea behind this product is to design it in a way to provide a total fantasy gaming world to gamers, therefore, users can browse through brand new games and play their favorites as well.

It is an extremely high utility solution. It allows users to explore the top key mapping settings of individual games and let users change the performance settings according to their preferences.

Likewise, it consists of an in-game center chat box, where users can interact and chat with other users in the community, making it exceptionally engaging for users


PrimeOS 0.5.5:

Further changelogs:

– Improve aim sensitivity logic in keymapping

– Freefire specific fixes in keymapping

– Added toggle to show fake touchscreen source on mouse click

– Fixed the NTFS drives not mounting in some cases

– Added support to unlock keyguard with any keypress

– Added some missing countries to the setup-wizard

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