PrimeOS 2.0.1 Beta based on Android 11 Released!


A few days back, we launched the 1st ever Android 11 release of PrimeOS. It was PrimeOS 2.0.0 Alpha. Today we are pleased to announce that the PrimeOS has gone into Beta. The new PrimeOS 2.0.1 Beta is available to download. Here are some screenshots and changes!

  • Added options to invert scroll direction and adjust scroll sensitivity
  • Multi-window framework stability improvements when resizing any app
  • Adjust default window size, set as a fraction of display size for better usability
  • Notification panel and App drawer UI improvements, floating and rounded
  • Fixed issue where clicking on any app in taskbar sometimes reloads it
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts (win, win + d, alt + F4)
  • This build will also support OTA updates



Stay tuned for more information on the official PrimeOS 2.0 updates

Credits: PrimeOS 2.0 would not have been possible without the awesome contributions of LineageOS, Android Generic Project, and Supreme Gamers, please thank them before us.

UPI (For Indian users only!)

Kofi (For non-Indian users only!)