PrimeOS 2.1.0 Beta based on Android 11 is here – Changelogs & Download

We know it’s been quite a while since the last update but the wait is over now. This new release has a lot of fixes and optimizations that are going to make your experience even better.

  • Several multi-window UI, behavior fixes, and improvements
  • Fix key mapping detected as an overlay by some apps (e.g. PlayStore)
  • Support right-click menu on launcher icons and home screen
  • Impl. line rectangle for resizing windows more smoothly
  • Add a toggle to spoof ethernet connection type as WiFi to other apps
  • Fix some permission issues preventing apps from accessing data/obb
  • Add a QS tile to manually rotate the screen in any orientation
  • Add a QS tile for taking a full or partial screenshot
  • Add quick QS brightness slider when the panel is half-collapsed
  • Impl. one click QS tile add/remove for easy usability
  • Auto-mount NTFS drives on every boot if present
  • Pass all root detection checks for better app compatibility
  • Optimize app drawer opening and closing speed, animation
  • Add default File Manager (fx) and Prime Browser (kiwi based)



Stay tuned for more information on the official PrimeOS 2.0 updates

Credits: PrimeOS 2.0 would not have been possible without the awesome contributions of LineageOS, Android Generic Project, and Supreme Gamers, please thank them before us.

UPI (For Indian users only!)

Kofi (For non-Indian users only!)