PUBG: New State update: Players grumble as new bugs uncovered; really take a look at list of changes


PUBG: New State update: the game just went through upkeep movement, yet this update has bugs that are ruining players’ experience.


PUBG: New State players, here is a significant update for you. The game has quite recently emerged from maintenance, however there is an issue. PUBG: New State took to its Twitter record to advise everybody about the end regarding the maintenance movement. “Hi Survivors, The maintenance for Nov. 29 is finished. Much thanks to you for your understanding!” it tweeted. As the upkeep has finished the milestones have re-opened. According to the data given, in this PUBG: New State patch, refreshes have been targeted at handling bugs, upgrading the counter cheat system, and completing some different enhancements.

In any case, after PUBG: New State update was executed, a portion of the players are encountering issues including strange person movements and controls. “We know that a few Survivors are encountering issues including a strange person pursuing liveliness and controlling the report on Nov. 29. We are attempting to determine the issue and apologize for any inconvenience. Any reports in regards to this issue will be posted on this notification,” the organization said in a statement.


The organization has additionally said that in case any player runs into some other issues, she, or he, can get in touch with them through Customer Support and incorporate the gadget data (device name, CPU, RAM, OS form). Likewise, if possible, gamers can give a video of the issue or steps to duplicate it to assist speed with increasing the examination. In the meantime, here are the insights about the update which occurred:

PUBG: New State Anti-Cheat Measures

  1. Added a capacity where players that are utilizing unapproved 3rd party projects and get kicked from a match will currently be set apart as such in the kill feed.
  2. Improved the limitations, suspensions, and bans being exacted on unapproved 3rd party program utilization.


PUBG: New State Controls Systems Improvements

  1. Fixed various issues identified with the gyroscope and controls.
  2. Changes and Improvements to Gyroscope.
  3. Fixed an issue where the flat and vertical sensitivities of the gyroscope didn’t coordinate.
  4. Added altered controls for the gyroscope.


PUBG: New State Fixes for Bugs Involving Controls

  1. Fixed an issue where now and again just the joystick controls would work when utilizing control scheme choices #1 and #2.
  2. Fixed an issue where the joystick on the left half of the screen would at times not work when utilizing control scheme choice #1.
  3. Fixed an issue where an extra touch control could be inputted while utilizing the Free Perspective button in charge scheme choice #1.
  4. Fixed an issue where the Auto-Run field would show up tiny.


PUBG: New State Fixes for Bugs Involving Squad Kills

  1. Changed the system so Survivors won’t take harm when they are hit by a vehicle being driven by a squadmate.


PUBG: New State Changes and Improvements to Sound Systems


  1. Fixed an issue where the sounds of footsteps were not reliable in specific circumstances.


PUBG: New State QoL Improvements

  1. Added a full-run character movement for smoother development and to further develop character movement.
  2. Further developed the movement progressed from moving into rushing to be smoother.
  3. Diminished the time it takes to run when beginning from the inclined position so Survivors can enter the run movement quicker than previously.


PUBG: New State Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where characters would skip back to their unique positions when strolling or running on steps or the edge of structures.
  2. Fixed an issue where degree sights would discontinuously be shown strangely.
  3. Fixed an issue where a dim ball would in some cases show up in the hall.
  4. [iOS] Fixed an issue where the graphical nature of the game would look exceptionally low while getting to the game through profound links.
  5. Fixed an issue where crashing into a structure while dropping would cause an unusually high measure of harm.
  6. Fixed the issue where you would not have the option to enter matchmaking or delegate jobs inside the party when a party chief limited the game to utilize another application and afterward re-opened the game.
  7. Fixed an issue where organize markers would in some cases breakdown when utilizing Drone Store and Radio Messages.
  8. Fixed a discontinuous issue that happened where the boost button would not react or the vehicle would move gradually while driving.
  9. Fixed an issue where the Costume Preset Settings UI would in any case be apparent even in the wake of entering a match.
  10. Fixed an issue where the status symbols of squadmates would here and there not be set apart in-game.
  11. Fixed an issue where a few buttons would be shown strangely when setting the controls format.
  12. Fixed an issue where the sounds could now and then not be heard subsequent to tumbling from a high spot.
  13. Fixed an issue where expanding or diminishing the size of the Map utilizing the looking over capacity would make the guide act erratically.
  14. Fixed an issue in Team Deathmatch where the symbols recognizing colleagues would not show up subsequent to entering a match.
  15. Fixed an issue with the Red Flare Gun where the extraordinary supply drop would once in a while not be handled even subsequent to shooting the firearm.
  16. Fixed an irregular issue with the Tier Promotion screen where you were unable to go to the following screen even subsequent to touching the screen.
  17. Fixed an issue where the Match Results screen would seem dim and be inert to any data sources.
  18. Fixed an issue where the Match Results screen would not show up even after the last individual from your crew was killed.
  19. Fixed a UI issue where gotten and determined scores would show contrastingly after a match closes.
  20. Fixed an issue with the Friends List where companions would be requested in an unintended manner.
  21. Fixed an issue where the names of UAZ (Open) and UAZ (Cover) would show up in a wrong way in the inventory.
  22. Fixed an issue with voice chat where the voice visits of different groups could be heard when talking.
  23. Fixed an issue where utilizing the “Push to Talk” capacity would change the channel of your voice chat.


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