The Most Effective Method to Introduce Fortnite on Android


You don’t get it from the Play Store


Epic Games released its fight royale hit Fortnite on Android gadgets in 2018 with a major catch: it was restrictive to Samsung-made mobiles for a couple of days as a way of aiding the market of the then-new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

At that point, would-be players needed to manage a holding up list and/or a prohibitive list of qualified Android mobiles. Nowadays, it’s significantly simpler — yet you actually need to download it straightforwardly from Epic. (Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said this is actually to try not to pay Google’s 30% cut on in-application buys.) Epic is utilizing its own site and a Fortnite Installer program to issue the game on all viable Android gadgets.

Here is a bit by bit breakdown to ensure you’re ready and comprehend the most ideal way of beginning playing Fortnite on Android. Yet, before we get too quick and dirty, a warning:


Avoid Play Store

Firstly, download nothing from the Google Play Store or from an outside web source. Epic has clarified that it’s just issuing Fortnite on Android through its own site and through Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Looking for the game on the Play Store will get you a basic “No results” message. (Initially, searches would return an uncommon warning from Google perusing, “Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, Inc isn’t accessible on Google Play” in view of stresses over malware-loaded phony adaptations.)



Due to the one of a kind distribution model here, you’ll need to download two separate applications. The main will be the Fortnite Installer, which is the authority APK document that then, at that point, introduces the game.

To do this, you might have to turn down unique permissions in your Android settings that permit you to download outsider applications, which depends upon the version of Android you have and what your current security settings are. From that point on, you’ll need to go through a progression of downloading sequences that are more involved than your standard application installation.


Here are the steps you’ll go through:


1.If you have a Samsung mobile, you can go to the Galaxy Store to download the installer for Epic Games. You would then be able to jump to step 6.

2.Otherwise, go to Epic’s site. You’ll observe a page proposing that you either visit on your mobile or sweep a QR code.

3.Whichever strategy you pick, you’ll be shipped off a page that gives you some guidance on what’s in the store. You’ll also get a notification for the installer; tap “Open.”

4.You will presumably get a security notice saying that your mobile isn’t permitted to introduce unknown applications from that source. Tap on “Settings.” A page named “Introduce unknown applications” will allow you to flip on “Permit from this source.”

5.You will then, at that point, be asked whether you want to install the application. Tap on “Install.” When you get the “Application install” notification, tap on “Done.”

6.The installer will show up on your homepage and in your mobile’s application list as Epic Games. You may additionally get a download notice for the APK. Tap on the symbol or on the APK notification.

7.You’ll arrive on a page with the Fortnite graphics. Tap on that, and afterward on “Install.”

8.You’ll most likely receive that message again about installing unknown applications. Again, tap on Settings and switch on “Permit from this source.”

9.The application will then, at that point, install, load any updates, and open.

Whenever it’s finished, you ought to have the option to boot up Fortnite, sign into your account, and begin playing. Earlier, Epic encouraged clients to keep the Fortnite Installer program, as it’ll be required for refreshing the game with new updates.


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