Top 10 auto chess and auto battle games for Android


Auto chess games are a little yet developing kind on both phones and PC. Here are the best auto chess games on Android!

Auto chess is a more up-to-date genre and is building some serious momentum rapidly. It saw mass accomplishment on PC with games like Dota Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics, and others. The reason for these games is genuinely straightforward. You place characters on the board each round and those characters do battle with the foe characters. The characters do fight all alone with practically no further input from you. That is the reason they call it auto chess or auto battling. In the event that you win, the enemy takes harm and in case you lose, you take harm.

The different characters cooperate with synergistic capacities to give you an edge in the fight. Each game has its own variety of this center mechanic, however, they all function similarly. It’s a sprouting genre on mobiles so well lookout for new contestants.


The best auto chess games and auto-battle games for Android


  • Arena Allstars
  • Arena of Evolution: Red Tides
  • Auto Chess by Dragonest Games
  • Badland Brawl
  • Chess Rush
  • Clash Royale
  • Dota Underlords
  • Hearthstone
  • Legends of Runeterra
  • Teamfight Tactics


Arena Allstars

Price: Free

Field Allstars is a genuinely good auto battler. Players approach a lot of various guides, characters, and different game modes. It brags matches with up to seven players alongside a co-op mode, assuming you need to play with companions or strangers. It likewise has a mission, a practice mode, competitions, and decent things like emotes. The game appears to tick all of the crates and most players appear to be glad enough. A large portion of the grumblings either manage availability issues or minor bugs, with AI opponents not taking the harm they ought to. However, we expect these are generally temporary issues. The game is allowed to play with an optional battle pass, assuming you need to open premium content.


Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

Price: Free

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is another auto chess game that appears to hit the majority of the right notes. It has more than 50 parts to collect and use for your group. Moreover, players get eight-player free-for-all PvP, and genuinely standard auto chess mechanics. The game likewise allows you to send and get legends to different players and elements of worldwide servers for better or in negative ways. A great deal of the game’s objections come from Internet network issues. In any case, besides that, the experience is strong for what it’s worth. The developers additionally plan on adding cross-play among PC and mobile in a future update so return for that assuming it intrigues you.


Auto Chess by Dragonest Games

Price: Free

Auto Chess by Dragonest Games has a faltering name, yet all the same it’s really a strong game. It was among the primary wave of auto chess games on mobile. It highlights seven-player free-for-all battles, an e-sports association, and, in the event that you do well in the e-sports association, real monetary rewards. Fortunately, the game is very simple to learn with one of the more amicable UIs we’ve found in an auto chess game. We feel like this one is extraordinary for amateurs to the class and the trouble just scales up from that point as you face an ever-increasing number of skilled opponents. Its greatest defect is the touchy cloud-saving component. Be extra cautious assuming you expect to uninstall and reinstall or purchase another phone in light of the fact that many individuals have lost their saved information.


Badland Brawl

Price: Free

Badland Brawl is presumably the easiest auto-battler on the list. It utilizes a 2D, side-scroller map versus the conventional chessboard style arrangement. Accordingly, this is a fantastic game for amateurs to the class regardless of whether the reason is as yet unchanged. You drop characters onto the board and they fight with your rival characters. The victor is the lone survivor. It has somewhat of a gacha component however it’s nothing excessively intense. Moreover, you can watch others play the game if you don’t feel like it. We might get some fire for this pick, however we think it’s a decent starter auto battler for people new to the class.


Chess Rush

Price: Free

Chess Rush is one more nice auto-battler with all of the normal center features. You place characters, they synergize, and you beat your rivals assuming that you outsmart them. The game has more than 50 characters alongside different game modes, including two versus two, four versus four, and eight-player free for all. It likewise incorporates a Turbo Mode with matches that last around ten minutes. It hits practically the entirety of the right checks and that seems OK. This is a Tencent game, engineers of Arena of Valor and PUBG Mobile. Besides some availability issues, the vast majority appear to partake in the game and it’s good to see greater mobile game engineers in the class.


Clash Royale

Price: Free

Clash Royale is the standard choice for an auto-battler. It has the vast majority of similar components as different games in the class. You play characters on a board, they assault the other player, and the sole survivor wins. This one is a considerable amount distinctive in execution, however, and has numerous interactivity components from Supercells other hit game, Clash of Clans. Furthermore, the game is a 1v1 duel where most auto chess games have bigger wide open modes. We would comprehend in the event that you don’t think about this as an unadulterated auto battler experience, however it satisfies the capabilities in general, regardless of whether it’s somewhat more like a deck-building game.


Dota Underlords

Price: Free

Dota Underlords is the most unmistakable name in auto chess. The entire game started from a Dota 2 mod. The genre took off from that point and Dota Underlords is the mobile version of the mod. It is your standard auto chess game so you should know how it functions at this point. You get heroes; you place them down, make collaborations, and attempt to beat your opponents. Besides, the game incorporates an offline mode. It had a personal turn, yet all things being equal, presently it has cross-play with Steam, a truly sensible compromise. It’s additionally the main absolutely free auto chess game on the list. It’s noticeably flawed, yet all the same it’s strong.



Price: Free

Hearthstone is one more game that may not fit here precisely, yet it’s still an auto-battler and it has a place on a rundown like this. It’s one of the most renowned deck-building auto-battlers on any stage and the vast majority know how it functions. You fabricate a deck, start a duel, put down your cards, and fight. The lone survivor wins. The game incorporates at least a couple game modes, cross-stage play with PC, and it’s a genuinely mature game. It’s not exactly as old as the others on the list, however it’s close enough much of the time.


Legends of Runeterra

Price: Free  

Legends of Runeterra is a ton like Hearthstone and might possibly be incredible for this list for a ton of similar reasons. Players gather cards, construct decks, and face one another. You play a game of cards, the cards battle one another, and that proceeds until someone wins. The game has taken incredible steps somewhat recently and is one of the better allowed to-play games on mobile at the hour of this writing. All things considered, we get that this scarcely fits under the meaning of auto chess games so when we track down better models, this will probably get kicked from the . However, it’s still a decent game.


Teamfight Tactics

Price: Free

Teamfight Tactics is a major name in the auto chess and auto battler genre. It’s by Riot Games, engineers of League of Legends. The game highlights a spinning pool of League of Legends champions. Players convey them in the game and redesign them to attempt to win. The game has sufficient randomness to it to prevent outright steps, yet it’s still expertise adequately based to be engaging for in-your-face players. The expectation to absorb information is somewhat steep, however the technicians are strong and the game is entirely fun.




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