Changelogs of PrimeOS

PrimeOS 0.6.0

  • Fixed chrome and chromium based browser crash
  • Mesa is up-streamed to 20.1.0 for mainline builds
  • Game centre performance profiles are now working
  • Hide root from apps when root is disabled in prime settings

PrimeOS 0.5.5

  • Improve aim sensitivity logic in keymapping
  • Freefire specific fixes in keymapping
  • Added toggle to show fake touchscreen source on mouse click
  • Fixed the NTFS drives not mounting in some cases
  • Added support to unlock keyguard with any keypress
  • Added some missing countries to the setup-wizard

PrimeOS 0.5.0

  • Rebased over android x86 7.1 r5 codebase
  • Newer Graphics Stack Mesa 18.3.6 in all 3 build types
  • Re-based 4.19 kernel on top of latest Android-x86 kernel (mainline)
  • Adjust supported abi(s) so that play store downloads the compatible version of apps
  • Use 4.9.194 kernel in classic variant
  • Added more PrimeOS wallpapers and made registration shorter

UPI (For Indian users only!)

Kofi (For non-Indian users only!)